Python, Zope et Plone au Google Summer of Code

La Python Software Foundation et la Plone Foundation nous représentent lors de la seconde édition du Summer of Code de Google.

Le Summer of Code de Google, dérivé technologique du Summer of Love des années 60, est le financement par la société Google de projets Open Source développés pendant l'été 2006. En 2005, 8.000 propositions ont été faites pour 200 places. En 2006, il y a 419 positions ouvertes par Google.

Sur la page d'accueil de Google Summer of Code 2006, on peut découvrir la Python Software Foundation et la Plone Foundation, qui sont des sponsors des étudiants participants à cet événement (ce sponsoring est organisationnel et non financier - c'est Google qui finance les étudiants qui livrent leur projet à la fin de l'été).

Voici la liste des projets de ces organisations :

Python Software Foundation

  • Improving the Python debugger
    by Matthew J Fleming, mentored by Robert L. Bernstein
  • Python interface for writing Mozilla (NPAPI) plugins
    by Marcin Pertek, mentored by Mark Hammond
  • Base multidimensional array type for Python core
    by Karol Marek Langner, mentored by Travis E. Oliphant
  • Logging Usage in the Standard Library (PEP 337)
    by Jackilyn Hoxworth, mentored by James Joseph Jewett
  • Neural Nets in SciPy
    by Frederic Mailhot, mentored by Robert Kern
  • Decimal module in C.
    by Mateusz Rukowicz, mentored by Facundo Batista
  • SQLAlchemy Schema Migration
    by Evan Pierce Rosson, mentored by Jonathan LaCour
  • PyCells: Port of CLOS Cells extension
    by Ryan Forsythe, mentored by James Tauber
  • SciPy Support Vector Machine support
    by Albert Strasheim, mentored by David Kammeyer
  • Complete gencli, the PyPy CLI backend
    by Antonio Cuni, mentored by Armin Rigo
  • Soya3D Collision API : Improving ODE integration in the core
    by David Pierre-Yves, mentored by Lamy
  • Drop-in WSGI support for Commodity Hosting
    by Jonathan Rosebaugh, mentored by Benjamin C. Bangert
  • Soya3D exporting/importing tools for Blender
    by Palle Raabjerg, mentored by Buddha Michael Dylan Buck
  • PyPy Proposal - Write and port modules from CPython with ctypes
    by Tenitope Lawrence Oluyede, mentored by Christian Tismer
  • Web-based administration interface for DrProject
    by Gregory Lapouchnian, mentored by Greg Wilson
  • Rewrite of the ``zipfile`` module.
    by Nilton Sergio Volpato Filho, mentored by Ilya Etingof
  • Improving Mailman's User Experience
    by Ethan Fremen, mentored by Barry Warsaw
  • YAML parser and emitter
    by Kyrylo Simonov, mentored by Clark C. Evans
  • Pygame on ctypes
    by Alex Holkner, mentored by Richard Jones
  • Updated: Cheesecake enhancements and its integration with PyPI.
    by Micha? Kwiatkowski, mentored by Grig Gheorghiu
  • Shed Skin project
    by Zheng Siyao, mentored by Mark Dufour
  • Enhancements to mathtext (part of matplotlib) - a Python package for typesetting
    by Edin Salkovic´, mentored by John D Hunter
  • Ajax in python based on PyPy's JavaScript backend
    by Maciej Fijalkowski, mentored by Eric van Riet Paap
  • PyDev - Python for Eclipse
    by Sean Handley, mentored by Fabio Zadrozny
  • Coder: An extensible web-based programming tutor
    by Johannes Woolard, mentored by André Roberge

Plone Foundation

  • Plone Content Rules Engine
    by Markus Fuhrer, mentored by Martin Aspeli
  • New Zope3 based internationalization/localization infrastructure
    by Hanno Schlichting, mentored by Alec Mitchell
  • Portlets engine based on PlonePortlets and Viewlets
    by Peter Bryan Rosales, mentored by Dorneles Treméa

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